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Song - Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz

Basic Ballet 

Choreography by Anne-Marie Taylor

Song - Cha Cha Swing 


Having put on her first costume at the age of 5, Anne-Marie knew that dancing would forever be a part of her life.  

A student of Madame Jovette Charette (Les Grands Ballet Canadiens de Montreal) she learned ballet, jazz & tap which led to her experience in

Latin American dances & hip hop.  


Whether it be performing, teaching or choreography, she is always working on a project that brings her back to dancing


Anne-Marie was certified in Zumba in 2014 and then releseased basic teaching videos online for the project Montreal Art & Fitness.  Today she continues to choreograph for the production Cabaret Pastiche as well as other projects.  

Please contact for any information regarding teaching oppportunities or dance projects.

Choreography by Anne-Marie Taylor


Song - Danse - Mia Martina 

Zumba - Basic Jazz 

Choreography by Anne-Marie Taylor

Choreographer - Anne-Marie Taylor

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