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My Montreal Art & Fitness was a mix of different venues that initially started in the focus of introducing some local artists and physical fitness instructors in and around the Montreal area. As art is the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, a world without it would seem intolerable for me. As for fitness, I wanted to see what classes or programs are available. As I am always one who has to work on staying fit, this was a way for me to get motivated and work at being healthier and in better shape. Although it no longer exists and has now become Femme Chakra Productions it was a great experience and I loved every minute of it.

The Interviews

In 2015 I did interviews with local talent as well as as with some fitness instructors in and around the Montreal area.  Whether it be to introduce a certain fitness class, instructor, an upcoming show or artist, the experience is something I enjoyed. I do hope to one day get back to it and help support local talent. 

Video Editing

Places to visit

I have always enjoyed video editing and in 2016 I did a few clips of places I visited in and around the Montreal area.  In January 2017 I visited Villas Jibacoa in Cuba and brought my camera along to capture some of the fantastic moments I had. 

The Choreographies

When I got certified in Zumba Fitness in 2014 I did a ``Zumba Fitness Week`` which introduced the Zumba program. Continuing in 2015 with ``Dance & Fitness Week``  I choreographed a few fitness choreographies which included a basic ballet. I always return to my passion for dancing!


Finishing off the year in 2016 I did my video biography of my journey in music.  Occasionally I do a video blog on what is new, my latest projects or special moments in my life.