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I Understand - Dec 2000
by Anne-Marie Taylor

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FUNNY - May 2003
by Anne-Marie Taylor

It`s funny feeling young again.

Having these insecurities and youthful flutters.

Not being able to be clear and direct.

Being shy and intimidated by your presence.

It`s funny to feel this way again.

It has been such a long time.

I become incapable of being near you.

I want to know everything about you.


It`s funny at my age, I know what I want.

I know yet I am not able to express it to you.

You are constantly in my dreams and fantasies.

You are completely unaware of my attraction.


It`s funny this sudden rush of feelings..

I am a child in a candy store.

Your smile, your strength, your arrogance.

I am infatuated.


It`s funny when you want someone this badly.

You wonder how can you feel this way so quickly.

I am scared, scared of these feelings.

It`s funny that you will never know.

To never forgive you is to never know who I am.

For all your mistakes have led me to this moment.

I have taken your faults and learned.

I know now time is precious, there is so little of it.

To waste it being angry would be a shame.

For all the times you were not there, I understand.

For every angry word you spoke, I understand.

You did the best you could have done, I understand.

I am a portray of you.

What I see in you is a part of me.

Therefore, if I can not forgive you,

I will never forgive myself.


This is for you my dear father.

Thank you for being a teacher even if what you taught was not planned.

Even if things did not work out as you thought.

In our path, you led me to be more.

You made me who I am today and I thank you.

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